Sam Harris

Ever since his novel End of Faith was published while he was in Graduate school, Sam Harris has been a leading public intellectual and sought after speaker.

Jordan Peterson

A breakthrough public intellectual, Jordan Peterson (Clinical and Personality Psychologist) may be the most famous and influential public intellectual  in human history. 

Noam Chomsky

Famous for two things, his landmark work as a linguist and his fiery political activism, Noam Chomsky is the reigning heavy weight until he passes on his mantle. 

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Ben Shapiro on Socialism

Ben Shapiro On Socialism  Even more than his views on abortion, Ben Shapiro is perhaps best known for his criticism of socialism. Well, definitely amongst college kids. Ben views socialism as theft and therefore immoral. This is an argument that, even for us academic...

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Scholar Fact Check Help Fix Fake News. Open RolesOperationOur grass roots approach has come with a lack of quality control. Help us get our pieces on track with old fashioned grammatical and punction help.  Seems obvious? Archival experience, as well as writing or...

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Ben Shapiro on Colin Kaepernick

Ben Shapiro On  Colin KaepernickWe’ve been trying to avoid political commentary that has a high likelihood of devolving, but now that some time has passed, we thought it was a good time to attempt to unpack the mess that is Ben Shapiro on Colin Kaepernick. A different...

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Ben Shapiro on Evolution

Ben Shapiro on EvolutionGiven his strong right wing ties, we thought it would be an interesting task to see how Ben Shapiro feels about the subject of evolution. As a one off note, it was interesting in preparing this piece, to see how the conservative commentator...

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Ben Shapiro on California

Ben Shapiro on California (and leaving it)As of the first writing of this article, Ben Shapiro has announced his intention to move Daily Wire, as well as his family, out of California and into Nashville, Tennessee. While Californian’s may well want to take a “Don’t...

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Ben Shapiro on Religion

Ben Shapiro On Religion Given his yarmulke, and perhaps his conservative leanings, most of Ben Shapiro’s views on religion will not surprise anyone. Now an Orthodox Jew, Ben is a staunch defender of religious freedoms and objects to most attempts by the government tor...

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Christopher Hitchens Bio and Positions

Christopher Hitchens Bio and PositionsBalliol College, Oxford, Degrees in English, Philosophy and Economics 1999 No One Left to Lie To: The Values of the Worst Family  2001 Letters to a Young Contrarian, Basic Books 2002 Why Orwell Matters, Basic Books 2007 God Is Not...

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Jordan Peterson on Socialism

Jordan Peterson on Socialism Though we’ve already spent multiple posts tangentially addressing Jordan Peterson’s views on socialism, such as his opinion on Bernie Sanders and his imminently famous debate with Slavoj Zizek, we haven’t tackled the issue head on. One...

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Sam Harris on Gun Control

Sam Harris on Gun Control Outside of perhaps his opinion on Free Will, Sam Harris’ views on Gun Control are among the most famous, and perhaps most useful, opinions he has had on public policy. Owing mostly to his viral, January 2nd, 2013 blog post titled The Riddle...

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Free Will Arguments and Rebuttals

Free Will Arguments For and AgainstThe debate over whether humans have Free Will is a debate that has been raging in academic departments, as well as the public sphere, for centuries. The fundamental question is whether humans (or other animals) have free will. The...

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Maternity Leave Arguments

Maternity Leave: History of the Debate and Current Status With every claim, no matter how impactful or trivial, we try to put the claim into context compared to history and the world. Other than perhaps Abortion, Maternity leave is among the most hotly debated topics...

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Abortion Arguments

Arguments For and Against AbortionLife has been held precious since the outset of human existence. The communitarian aspect of human existence made respect for the right to life an important, integral part of human civilization. It is this perception of human life and...

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Noam Chomsky on Jordan Peterson

The linguist isn’t particularly fond of his fellow social scientist. 

Sam Harris on Eckhart Tolle

Though the two have never sparred in person, they haven’t be shy about offering an opinion on each other’s work. 

Ben Shapiro on Marijuana

The conservative commentator has changed his tone recently about the de-criminilzation of Marijuana. 

Ben Shapiro vs Cenk Uygur Full

The conservative commentator took on Cenk Uygur at a raucous debate at Politicon. Watch the complete debate and read our reaction. 

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