Ben Shapiro on Bernie Sanders

Ben Shapiro has been commenting more and more on Bernie Sanders, including his own version of the Bernie accent. While at odds with Bernie’s Democratic Socialist position, Ben has recently stated that he believes conservatives are underestimating the appeal that is Bernie Sanders. A populist figure, Bernie and Donald Trump overlap quite a bit in both rhetorical style and their fanbase as many voters stated in the run up to the 2016 elections, they would vote for either “Bernie or Trump.” With 1 in 10 Bernie Sanders voters ending up voting for Trump after it was all said and done. Ben Shapiro went into detail recently on his show describing the experience of watching a Bernie rally in its entirety. 

**Update February 21: Ben has done a full episode of his show on “The Bernie Sanders Administration.” We will embed the audio below. Continue below the audio for his comments on what it’s like to (be a conservative) and watch a Bernie Sanders rally. 

Ben Shapiro on watching a Bernie Sanders Rally

Over the weekend, I actually sat down and watched, I wanted to see like a Bernie rally beginning to end. I know, I’m, I’m really a masochist. So I sat down and I watched Bernie Rally beginning to end and I want to tell you about that and I want to talk about the appeal of Bernie Sanders, which I think Republicans are underestimating. It really tells you what you need to know about the, sort of, Bernie Sanders Campaign and that is everything Bernie Sanders does it about “building a movement.” If you watch one of his rallies, hi- from beginning to end, he feels like a 1960 style professor who is doing a teach-in. And it’s deliberately created like this, I mean, this is what his rallies are created to do. This is how he speaks. He has this, sort of, we’re speaking up to the man. We’re not just here to stop Donald Trump; we’re here to build a movement and then he’s very vague about the movement constitutes because it would be very odd if the Soviet national anthem started playing in the background or something, to give you a clue.

He does this whole teach-in mentality and that means, for example, about 10 days ago, he’s at a rally in Iowa… Or not even, it was like six days ago; he did a rally in Iowa, Ames Iowa and the rally opened with Portugal the Man playing for him, very popular band, I have one of their songs on the show. Th-They do catchy tunes and one of their guys gets up a-at the end of this and he says, “you know when I was asked to play at this Bernie rally, well, I had one stipulation that, every one of our concerts we ask indigenous people to come to the concert and we ask them to stand up and explain, why we are standing on stolen land.

Then he ushers up three Native American women in Ames, Iowa to explain why Iowa is actually stolen land, right? This is the opener of the Bernie Sanders rally, is that we are standing on stolen land, so, the basically the foundations of the United States are evil, right? That is the opener at the Bernie Sanders rally. Then, these Native American women, they get up, they talk about all of this, they leave and Michael Moore gets up and Michael Moore, who is indeed a radical, I mean the man made a movie about how the Cuban Healthcare system is a joy of joys and a wonder of wonders, which is why everybody is Cuba is trying to escape from Cuba on a 1957 Chevy with tires blown up around the sides trying to float their way to Miami, which by the way, is not an easy thing to do, right? 90 miles of shark infested waters, just to get away from that wonderful healthcare system, that Michael Moore is so high on.

So then Michael Moore gets up and Michael Moore does this shtick about how America is founded in racism and sexism and bigotry and homophobia and inequality and how Bernie Sanders is going to completely revolutionize the way politics is done, right? He gets up and he does his shtick for, like, 20 minutes and then after that, he ushers up Bernie Sanders and now Bernie looks like the… Well actually, I’m sorry, then he ushers up the AOC, okay?

AOC gets up, then she gets up and she starts talking about how American is a corrupt system and AOC, again, is quite good on the stump and she gets up and she does her-her shtick about how America is terrible and America is awful and how she is for Bernie because Bernie is the most radical guy in the field. Then she ushers up Bernie and Bernie is the elder statesman, right? Now, because you’ve seen Portugal the Man, 3 Native America women explaining that Iowa is bad, followed by Michael Moore, who is a crazy person, followed by AOC, who’s an even crazier person. When they usher up Bernie, Bernie seems almost moderate by comparison with the rest of the rally because Bernie’s shtick is not the Bernie that you actually see during the debates.

During the debates you get Bernie yelling all the time about unfairness and about Healthcare and America is terrible. During his rallies he speaks instead, like, some sort of UC Berkeley 1968 professor, right? It’s much more lower pitch, right? It’s much lower pitch. He gets up and he says, “We live in a country that has serious inequality and you and I, together, are going to build a movement.” It sounds much more reasonable. An-And it’s designed to like this, right? It’s actually quite clever and again, his whole shtick is we’re not just going to defeat Donald Trump, who is the worst person who ever lived, but also, we’re going to build a movement and this is why he’s got momentum, right now because Joe Biden’s case is only defeating Trump.

Bernie Sanders’s case is, I’m going to build a movement and that is a lot more inspiring, particularly to young people. Now, older people are going, we don’t need a movement, we just need to stop Trump, right? We don’t like Trump. Trump’s bad but Bernie is like, no we’re going to stop Trump and we’re going to build a movement. Now, make no mistake, his first pitch is we’re going to stop Trump and that’s the only unifying pitch he has because the truth is that, his movement is popular with his movement. It is not popular with the bulk of Americans.

There was a new poll that came out that should scare the living day lights out of democrats, that showed what Americans think of Capitalism versus Socialism. This is a poll from NBC News, Wall Street Journal released on Sunday. More than half of registered voters, 52% have a positive view of Capitalism, 18% have a negative perception of Capitalism. I don’t know what happened to the other 30%, whether they were hit in the head with a brick or something, but the fact that you live in the greatest economy in the history of the world and you live in a capitalist system, that has generated more wealth since 1800, than in the entire history of humanity combined and that only 52% of you think that Capitalism is good demonstrates a real lack of education in the American system but, I will say only 19% of voters have a positive view of Socialism where as 53% have a negative perception of Socialism and Bernie Sanders openly declares that he is a Socialist, right? He always says it’s Democratic Socialism, but he’s an actual Socialist. In the sense that, he still cannot explain why he would not nationalize all the industries. He said he wouldn’t nationalize.

With that said, Bernie, right now, in this poll, is leading Trump nationally 49 to 45. That is not enough to beat Trump because when all the votes come in, it’s probably more like 48 Trump and most of those are in the swing states. Where as Bernie is racking up big scores in places like, California and New York. Places that already agree with Bernie so, if you are in the Democratic Party base and all you want to do is beat Trump, you’re scared but, this is why the primaries are really, really a problem for Joe Bidden because the people whoa are voting in the primaries are the most excited. They’re the people who want to feel like they are part of a movement. They’re the people who are the most passionate. The people who are the “most well educated”. The people who follow this stuff the most closely and those people are in Bernie Sanders’ corner, so the primaries are cutting directly against the electoral interest of the Democrats.

Now, with that said, do I think the Republicans, who are rooting for Bernie’s nomination are underestimating him? I do. I do. I think that shockingly interesting on the stump, like again, watched one of his entire events over the weekend. I think, he is shockingly interesting on the stump. I think that he’s good at what he does, which is be a useless Communist for his entire life but, give you the feeling that there is a conspiratorial elite coming after you, which is a different thing than, like Elizabeth Warren does it, but it’s louder and it’s more brash and it’s not as… It’s weird, right, because if you watch them in debate, you’d think that Warren is the one who’s more modulated because in debate she is, but if you watch them on the stump, Warren is a lot less modulated than Sanders.

Sanders comes off as softer spoken on the stump than Elizabeth Warren does, which is really a fascinating contrast but, with that said, is, is Bernie in a position where the democratic party upper echelon, should be frightened of him? They should. They should, like, I think Republicans are underestimating but, I also think that, it’s quite possible that Bernie gets skunked by Donald Trump and if you’re a member of the Democratic Party elite, the fact that he’s building a movement in the primaries that is not going to carry over to the general, beyond that core, is not going to be super helpful to you and as you’ll see, Bernie’s people are actively alienating other elements of the Democratic Party.

Ben On Bernie Sanders and Socialism

However, obviously, this is not the first time (nor the last) that Ben has brought up Bernie Sanders and now we have a full transcript of Ben talking about just how he feels about the democratic representative. 

Okay, back to Bernie Sanders, again, it is an- is an act of- it is- it is just a source of endless, endless insanity to me that the Democratic party is preparing to nominate this human being. It’s insane. “The man is a walking coexist bumper sticker,” as Noah Rothman over at Commentary put it. The man is George McGovern, except more Communist.

Yeah. And let- let me give you a couple of examples. So, Bernie Sanders, let- let’s check out his Twitter account. So his Twitter account is basically AOC without the sparkling wit. It really is. Here’s something that he tweeted out today, hi- it- it’s incredible. It’s incredible that this human being is taken seriously by people. It’s unbelievable. So he tweets out, “Our military is larger than these countries combined: China, $181 billion,” he has a bunch of flags, we’ll see how many of these flags I can actually identify. “China, $181 billion. Saudi Arabia, $78 billion. France, $61 b-…” Blah, is that- which one is the vertical and- versus the horizontal?

And France is $52 billion, I believe. France is vertical. Japan is $48 billion. Great Britain, $54 billion. Germany, $48 billion. South Korea, $39 billion. Brazil, 27 br-, uh, billion dollars. And that would be Italy, $27 billion. Russia is $61 billion. Thank you. Ha- I’m missing the Russian flag, see, I- I’m not working for Putin.

It says, “What if we invested in human needs to care for one another instead?” What if we invested in human needs to care for one another instead? Okay. First of all, on a historical level, I think it’s a fairly good thing that the United States military is larger than Germany, Japan, and Italy combined. That seems like that’s probably a good idea, like just looking at some history. Like, I’m very happy that the United States military is hegemonic. Like, that’s a very good thing. But Bernie is such a flaming Communist that he’s like, “What if we took our entire military budget and we used it to pay for free child care? And we just… But do we really need a military so large? Do we really need a military?”

And the answer is, “Yes, to stop people from killing us, and attacking us, and wrecking our interests.” The man is- is using the song, “Imagine”, as a campaign platform. “Imagine there no countries, it’s not hard if you try. It- nothing to live or die for, above us only sky…” How- how are you taking him seriously? What the hell is wrong with you people?

Now then he tweets this out, this is also yesterday, “Together we are going to end the greed of the billionaire class.” Okay. I have just a question about this. Just one question. Which is more greedy, the [inaudible 00:02:30] billionaire class, you know, people who created a business and then sold lots of products and did lots of voluntary transactions, and employed tens of thousands of people, and provided products to presumably millions of people, and made millions of people’s lives easier, or the octogenarian Communist who has done zero useful things his entire life except suck off the teat of the state and the billionaire tax payer, and sponsored his wife for positions for which she is utterly unqualified, who is greedier?

Who the- I’m- I’m so sick of these- of these people suggesting that true altruism lies in sucking off the teat of people who actually earn. It’s insanity. And this has nothing to do with my income level, I’ve been saying the same thing since I was making like 50 grand a year, okay? I totally get it. This is a- this is absolute- it’s absolute nonsense. And people who buy into this it turns out that envy should not be a political platform. That’s all this is.

The greed of the billionaire, so when do you become greedy? Su- serious question, like, Bernie’s a millionaire, did he become more greedy when his net wealth went to a million and one? When that ticker just flipped up, suddenly he became greedy? Or is it the truth, that as the Founders understood, all human beings have the capacity for greed, and all human beings have the capacity for altruism, and all human beings have the capacity for sin, and all human beings have the capacity for decency?

But according to Bernie, because he’s a materialist Marxist, he believes that as you get richer, you get more greedy, and therefore, actual saintliness lies in being a sponge. Right? If you’re- if you’re Bernie and you’ve never done a useful thing in your life, you’re actually good. You’re good because you’ve never been greedy, don’t you understand? You’re taking other people’s money for doing nothing, but you’re not greedy, because the only way we measure greed is by your material circumstance. The richer you are, the more greedy you are. Therefore, the poorer you are, the less greedy you are, and your personal activity doesn’t come into this at all.

Okay, this is the person that you guys want to nominate for President. All right. Sure. It- okay, so Bernie, yesterday, while he was on- on CNN, he also decided to sound off on national rent control. So not only does he want to sink the US economy, he’d also like to destroy the national real estate economy, which is one of the great sources of wealth in America and has been for generations. And let’s just be clear about what rent control does.

Rent control says that you cannot rent this thing that you built at the price that you wish to rent it at, at the market price. Instead, Bernie Sanders is going to decide what you should be able to rent your apartments for. Rent control has failed every single place it has tried. Why? Because it turns out that you cannot have some sort of politburo sitting above developers and deciding what they ought to charge because eventually, developers will be like, “Guess what? I’m not making enough money from that, I’m not going to build. I’m not going to build.” And Bernie knows that, which is why we’re going to end up with a bunch of federally subsidized housing projects presumably designed by Bernie in classic East German style.

Here is- here is Bernie Sanders talking about national rent control, as though the great- the great solution to a shortage of housing is to create more shortage of housing by disincentivizing development.

I spent my entire childhood in a rent controlled apartment in Brooklyn, New York. And that meant that my family at least, we didn’t have a lot of money, we didn’t have to worry about rents, you know, going up by 10, 15%, which many Americans do. We believe that rent control is an appropriate tool nationally to tell landlords that they cannot simply jack up their rents to any rate that they want.

Okay, you know what else tells people they can’t jack up their rents to any rate that they want? You know what tells them that? The market! Because if I jacked up the rates on my apartment building to rates that people were not willing to pay, you know what happen, it’s called “vacancy”. And he doesn’t understand how markets work. He thinks that basically a developer just sits there and then goes, “I’d like to rent this place for a million dollars a month, and I’ll force you to take it,” because Bernie doesn’t understand consent. It’s amazing, socialists don’t understand consent.

Who is more popular? 

As always, should we become aware that Ben has changed his opinion or should new evidence be submitted that we have either misconstrued his opinion or failed to include important statements from him, we will 1) make the correction, 2) note the correction here, 3) issue a mea culpa that attempts to explain and improve on how we missed this. 

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