Ben Shapiro on Noam Chomksy

This one will be brief. Despite being one of the most famous and influential intellectuals in human history, political commentator Ben Shapiro hates (and hate is a strong word) Noam Chomsky. While it’s not terribly hard to imagine what one would think of Noam, we’ll go ahead and put it in his own words.

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Ben Shapiro on Noam Chomsky

2017, The Ben Shapiro Show

To avoid confusion, it appears the root of the conflict appears to be Chomsky’s opinions on socialism. For the record Noam Chomsky would most aptly be described as a “socialist anarchist”, which is a subset of libertarian socialism, which in turn is a subset of socialism. Chomsky’s book On Anarchism fleshes out this point of view, but for a free deep dive into his views, I would recommend Noam’s full length article Government in the Future.

As a famous hit piece on Ben Shapiro once asserted (we’re doing an article on the piece), the depths of Shapiro’s knowledge of Socialism seem to be rather thin at times. While Ben can certainly defend himself on the matter, it’s important to highlight where the disagreement comes. While Chomsky is an anarchist in the sense that he does not believe that bureaucracy is the answer (perhaps the way a classical socialist would), he also rejects privatization in almost all of its tenets. Taken from Government in the Future:

A consistent anarchist must oppose private ownership of the means of production. Such property is indeed, as Proudhon in his famous remark asserted, a form of theft. But a consistent anarchist will also oppose the organization of production by government.

Why This Matters

That digression was important because it’s critical to note that, while Chomsky rejects “big government” making the decisions and owning all the property, he also rejects the unlimited opportunity of the individual in an unrestricted capitalist state. Thankfully an entrepreneurial young youtube’r (we have no idea what age he /she is) has done the due diligence of putting together this youtube clip of both Chomsky and Ben Shapiro talking about their respective positions. Now it’s not a debate or discussion between the two but it certainly seems more productive than an actual debate between the two would be.

Bonus: Ben Shapiro On Howard Zinn and Friends

Appearing on physicist Dr. Brian Keating’s podcast, Shapiro was asked about Noam Chomsky and his longtime friend and academic heavy weight, historian Howard Zinn (jump to 23 minutes to listen). Needless to say, Ben is not a fan of Howard Zinn and his theories on history.

In the name of brevity we’ll avoid elaborating but we do highly recommend Dr. Keating’s podcast for those physics and non-physics minded alike. 

As always, should we become aware that Ben has changed his opinion or should new evidence be submitted that we have either misconstrued his opinion or failed to include important statements from him, we will 1) make the correction, 2) note the correction here, 3) issue a mea culpa that attempts to explain and improve on how we missed this. 

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