Scholar Fact Check

Help Fix Fake News.

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Our grass roots approach has come with a lack of quality control. Help us get our pieces on track with old fashioned grammatical and punction help. 


Fact Checking

Seems obvious? Archival experience, as well as writing or research experience, is heavily valued in this critically important position. 



UI/UX Designer

While we’re trying to look for a minimalist design, we’re always interested in improvng the user experience. 



Websites need graphics and the scholar fact check is no exception. Familiarity with photoshop, illustrator and/or fireworks is a plus but not a requirement. 

Interested? Please send all applications (with resume or cv) to the Feel free to reach out to this email for any questions, comments or concerns about the position prior to sending any personal information. We are startup with limited resources and virtually all of us wear many hats throughout the day. With that in mind, it could be several days before you hear a response but rest assured you WILL reecieve a response. 

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