Christopher Hitchens on Donald Trump

Since we just wrote an article covering Christopher Hitchens’ opinions on Presidential hopeful Joe Biden, we thought it fitting to find every reference to current president Donald Trump. Unfortunately, those references are limited with only one (please contact us if you know of more) public appearance that directly mentions Donald Trump. Luckily, this singular reference alone may be worth it just for this, 8 second quote.

We had to go back to over twenty years, to a democratic primary (yes Donald Trump ran as a Democrat before running as a Republican) that featured many democratic candidates in the field. Among them were other celebrities, such as Steve Forbes (of Forbes magazine) who Christopher was complimentary of (saying he’s a very sharp guy), but also included Donald Trump in his first “serious” campaign to be president. If the video doesn’t automatically do it for you, then jump to 9 seconds in to see Hitchens’ comments on Trump.

In case that was too brief, or too British, for our readers to hear, we’ll put it below in plain english so that there is no confusion. The other comments are less specific to Donald Trump. 

Oh please. Well he’s managed to cover 90% of his head with 30% of his hair. 

Christopher Hitchens

Views on Donald Trump, C-SPAN

In between the publishing of this article and present day we’ve found the full quote, in print, regarding Donald Trump in a London Review of Books article. Here is the full quote as it appears in the article. 

Donald Trump–a ludicrous figure, but at least he’s lived it up a bit in the real world, and at least he’s worked out how to cover 90 percent of his skull with 30 percent of his hair. 

Christopher Hitchens

Views on Donald Trump, London Review of Books, 1/06/00

We’ll also include this quote from another interview that doesn’t appear to be directly attributable to Donald Trump but does seem related. Please let us know if more information emerges that invalidates the previous comment. 

makes me suspicious when you know you have a political businessman saying ‘well I just want to you know we put the country back on its feet and restore incentives’ and so forth…unless the guy’s prepared to say a great deal more about what his political opinions are. For example, has he ever voted before? And for whom? I’d like to know because it’s much too easy to stalking you know if the country can be run like USA Inc you know the real can-do guy there’s a whiff of fascism to that I think.

Christopher Hitchens

While we are at it, we’ll go ahead and include comments made by his, arguably best, friend Martin Amis on the subject of Donald Trump. Given this article is based primarily on opinions (with little facts either way), we feel this is justified but if not, feel free to let us know on the Contact Us page (please do not use the report errors page). 

I find it harder and harder to just to regard him as a joke. What he’s done is so wicked, already, he entered this whole thing just to up the price on his brand. To do all that he was prepared to take this route, he was told by some hack like (Steve) Bannon, to take the white supremacist route. No one realize just how powerful this was. 0 Martin Amis. 

Martin Amis

April 1, 2018, CNBC News

Note that even though the subject of this article is deceased, we still reserve the right to make modifications and changes to the content if we discover that, in his vast appearances on various media outlets, we have omitted more relevant quotes from the journalist and author about the subject. 

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