Christopher Hitchens on Joe Biden

Given that both were in the same political circles around D.C. for most of the last 50 years, Christopher Hitchens has had plenty to say about Joe Biden. While much of it was while he was a lonely Vice President pick of Barack Obama, one forgets that Joe Biden was around for quite awhile before being Barack Obama’s VP pick. Since this is an opinion piece of one person on another, we’ll only provide context where needed but this piece “should not” require too much fact checking. Nevertheless if we have made an error (either explicitly or in omission) please let us know. 

On the Biden vs Anita Hill Debacle

A clip from the 1991 hearing for Clarence Thomas surfaced after Biden announced his candidacy for presidency where Biden is seen being, at the very least, unsympathetic to the rather serious claims by Anita Hill during the testimony. 

Though Biden would ultimately apologize to Professor Hill in the years following the encounter, the latter told the New York Times: Biden’s ‘I’m sorry’ is not enough.

Clarence ‘Bitch Set Me Up’ Thomas, naturally a bit stunned to have his theoretical dong handled in public by Joe Biden and Strom Thurmond, called it worse than a Klan raid and the toughest experience of his life as a black man…On the first day of the hearings, he fatuously said that allegations like Professor Hill’s were part of ‘a high-tech lynching in American history to have ended with the victim holding a lifetime tenure in black robes on the highest court in the land.

Christopher Hitchens

November 4th, 1991, Minority Report

On Joe Biden as a Vice President

This coming in his October 13th, 2008 column in slate regarding the strength of the Obama-Biden nomination. Remember we are now 17 years past the previous quote. 

Obama is greatly overrated in my opinion, but the Obama-Biden ticket is not a capitulationist one, even if it does accept the support of the surrender faction and it does show some signs of being able and willing to profit from experience.

Christopher Hitchens

October 13th, 2008, Slate

Where Hitchens Praises Biden

To provide balance, we were able to find one positive praise of Joe Biden by Christopher Hitchens and it has to do with an issue that was very near and dear to Hitchens’ career. Albeit brief, Hitchens praised Joe Biden for his international work specifically being “Very good with Milošević.”

In September 1999, Serbian president Slobodan Milošević was the dangerous autocrat next door to Romania at a time when the area was just recovering from a failed ethnic cleansing (prevented by international peacekeepers). Biden was sent to Bucharest on behalf of the U.S. envoy to deal with the raving lunatic Milošević. A recent recounting of the episode by Jim Rosapepe who was U.S. ambassador to Romania during the time is a must read for all those interested. In short, he describes Biden’s time in Bucharest as “Unlike other visitors, whose approach was helpful but remarkably relaxed, then-Senator Biden was a whirlwind of inquiry from the time he landed at the airport in Bucharest, Romania’s capital.”

Sam Harris on Eckhart Tolle

Though the two have never sparred in person, they haven’t be shy about offering an opinion on each other’s work. 

Ben Shapiro on Marijuana

The conservative commentator has changed his tone recently about the de-criminilzation of Marijuana. 

Noam Chomsky on Jordan Peterson

The linguist isn’t particularly fond of his fellow social scientist. 


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