Colin Noir on Gun Control

There are few people in the american political scene that are as singularly associated with one issue as Colin Noir is to Gun Control. Exploding onto the political scene in the late 2010s, Colin Noir became one of the more recognizable figures in the Gun Control debate as the NRA proudly toted him as a well educated (he’s a lawyer by training), well spoken African American conservative who is an ardent defender of his second amendment right to bear arms.

Colion Noir is for the private ownership of guns and has generally rejected many forms of regulation attempted by the government, whether it be at the local or national level.

Colion Noir on Bump Stock’s

We gave a pretty decent summary of bump stocks in our gun control article but as background, bump stock’s essentially leverage the recoil of a gun to increase it’s firing rate. In America, automatic weapons aren’t just outlawed but they carry serious penalties if one is found in possession of one. As such, no suppliers sell such weapons but they do sell weapons, such as the AR-15, that can be modified to be made automatic. Since the Las Vegas shooting, bump stocks have been illegal in the United States.

Noir has issued a pretty strong opinion of bump stocks on both the Hank Strange podcast and Tavis Smiley’s show: he opposed the bump stock ban. He believed that the decision on whether the bump stocks should be banned should be put on the ATF (the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms for our non U.S. readers) to increase objectivity, decrease the emotion involved in the decision and avoid the awkward position the republican party was put in. He has stated explicitly that a bump stock does not make a gun automatic because an automatic rifle is, by definition, when a single pull of a trigger can discharge consecutive rounds of ammunition. He discusses this in depth in his appearance on Bill Maher (video below).

Noir Supports Teacher’s Carrying Guns

In one of the seemingly odder Trump statements (at the time), the president suggested that teacher’s should be given guns so that they can defend their students and themselves. The idea, though it seemed crazy at first, began to gain some traction. Noir, appearing on Bill Maher’s show, made a family level headed defense of the claim. Colion believes that we shouldn’t be making teachers “sacrificial lamb” at the head of the class. “Teachers,” Noir states, “are willing to die for their students. Why not put them in a situation where they can fight for them?”

Bill Maher seemed to give the proper rebuttal to the argument in a single line “Because they’re teachers. They don’t want to have that job anymore than the guard wants to teach physics.

Colion Noir on Guns and Suicide Rates

Perhaps the only logical and/or factual beef we might have with Colion, is his occasional rebuttal of the relationship between access to guns and suicide rates. There are plenty of good arguments to rebuttal the relationship but Colion, unfortunately, utilized the Japan comparison on the Joe Rogan podcast. He said that “Japan has no guns and the most suicides”, a line that has been echoed before.

No reasonable person is making the case that the mere existence of guns in the world causes people to fall into depression. The argument is that people with depression will be more likely to commit suicide if they have access to guns.

Japan is home to one of the best use case examples of a modern collectivist culture. Matters such as loyalty, family and communal work dominate many aspects of daily life in the island nation. However for all it’s benefits, collectivist societies also have some problems. Feeling of shame are common in collectivist cultures and are believed to be among the major causes of suicidal ideation in these types of communities.

This is the first post we’ve yet published on Colion Noir but the rules still apply. If there are any issues related to Gun Control that Colion has opined on and we omitted please let us know! Now if we’ve misrepresented his view or misquoted him, stop what you’re doing and contact us now so we can make the correction. 


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