David Pakman on Joe Biden

As a somewhat early adopter, liberal commentator David Pakman has endorsed Joe Biden for president on many occasions and, when needed, has come to his defense. Though he gave a brief defense of Joe Biden (and his seemingly cognitive decline) on Joe Rogan’s podcast, he also dedicated a segment of his own show to answering this claim. We’ll go over both now with some comments and, hopefully, some insights. Unfortunately, despite our dearth of social scientists at the ScholarFactCheck.com, none of us are board certified as clinical psychologists so take our assessment with a grain of salt.

Pakman on Joe Biden’s Cognitive Decline

On Joe Rogan’s podcast, David Pakman was pressed about the seeming obvious cognitive decline of Joe Biden. Pakman responded that though he clearly is not the youthful 70 year old that we all remember from the Biden/Paul Ryan VP debate in 2012, the experts he’s spoken with in the field have said they don’t believe Biden has shown evidence of senility. Further going on to say that he is not an expert in the field and therefore should avoid opining on his mental state, which seemed at the time to be a little evasive.

Now users were quick to criticize Pakman considering he would, moments later, criticize Trump for what he perceived as obvious mental deficiencies, the liberal commentator has devoted a fair bit of time on his own show to the question of Biden’s cognitive state (video below). In the video (pblished March 6, 2020), Pakman does seem to be more forthright and less evasive stating that “there does seem to be something going on with Joe Biden.” While many people have attributed Biden’s communication issues to his stutter, David did not take the easy way out.

“There does seem to be something wrong with Joe Biden..” Pakman stated. Going on to say whether it be “how he was talking about how he was running for senate, forgetting quotes mid-sentence..this is not an irrational concern. Something appears to be going on.”

However with all of that on the table, the political commentator re-enforced his endorsement of Biden, stating “Does that mean I would chose Trump over Biden in a general election? Of course not.” Echoing the sentiment fellow public intellectual Sam Harris’ comments on Joe Biden who stated that at this point, Biden would have to essentially lose his mind for him not to vote for Biden over Trump. 

David Pakman on Bernie: ‘Tactical Mistake’

It seems fitting we should include the key alternatives to Joe Biden in the 2020 democratic primaries to help provide some much needed, and always welcome, context. Biden called Bernie Sanders’ embrace of democratic socialism a “tactical mistake” in a June, 2019 interview on The Hill’s show Rising.

The sentiment appears to be a popular one and probably the reason Biden ultimately walked away with the election. The truth is, or at least appears to be, that many Americans (even democrats) still have a strong negative connotation with the word ‘socialism’ and voters turned out in droves to nominate Joe Biden. At least it can be said for Biden that he’s never been as young as he is today. That’s something, no?

Dementia is Common But Not A Certainty 

Something that always seems to surprise undergraduates in Biology or Sociology of Aging classes is the reality that dementia is actually not a natural part of the aging process. The numbers shake out as followsOne in 14 people over 65 will develop dementia, and the condition affects 1 in 6 people over 80. However it seems like more people over 80 have dementia because more people are living longer. Thus making it much more likely that you or someone you know, knows someone over 80 that has been diagnosed with dementia. However that doesn’t mean it’s guaranteed (it isn’t) or a “matter of time.” People can live well into their 90s and still exhibit extreme mental clarity.  

Now this is not to be confused with general cognitive decline, which absolutely is a thing and affects everyone (to different degrees, obviously). Cognitive decline begins in late 20’s and continues until death (though can be greatly lessened through regular exercise). 

This is the first post we’ve yet published on David Pakman but it appears unlikely it will be the last we write on the young progressive commentator. With that in mind, the same internal rules apply: if we become aware that Kyle  has changed his opinion or should new evidence be submitted that we have either misconstrued his opinion or failed to include important statements from him, we will 1) make the correction, 2) note the correction here, 3) issue a mea culpa that attempts to explain and improve on how we missed this. 


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