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Identify TWO (2) acts passed by Parliament between 1763 and 1774 and explain why they resulted in colonial resistance. Your answer must be in complete sentences and in your own words.
One huge act passed by Parliament was the Currency Act of 1764 I believe which essentially prevented the colonies from creating their own currency. Outside of guaranteeing British reliance, this act made it essentially impossible for the colonies (almost accidentally put “US” there) to pay their debts. I wish I had more time but this also signaled a tightening down and realization of independence from the colonies by the British. The Stamp tax (the exact year escapes me) was a straight up, thinly veiled tax on the colonies that required stamps to be put on paper documents. These stamps had to be purchased from the British government. Even though, if I recall, the stamps were fairly cheap it was still seen as an unnecessary regulation and unwanted tax by the colonies. To make matters worse, their “representation” in Parliament failed to object to the act on behalf of the colonies.

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