Sam Harris

Ever since his novel End of Faith was published while he was in Graduate school, Sam Harris has been a leading public intellectual and sought after speaker.

Jordan Peterson

A breakthrough public intellectual, Jordan Peterson (Clinical and Personality Psychologist) may be the most famous and influential public intellectual  in human history. 

Noam Chomsky

Famous for two things, his landmark work as a linguist and his fiery political activism, Noam Chomsky is the reigning heavy weight until he passes on his mantle. 

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Gun Control History and Arguments

Gun Control: History of the Debate and Current StatusGun control has been a ferociously debated subject in American life and has grown to become one of the main issues in every election at both the local and federal levels. Similar to abortion and maternity leave, the...

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Jordan Peterson on the Gender Pay Gap

Jordan Peterson on Gender Pay Gap Jordan Peterson has had several viral clips of him discussing the gender pay or lack thereof. A couple of them, which we’ll discuss, may well seem to be contradictory while others, have some degree of speculation and opinion that are...

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Jordan Peterson on IQ

Jordan Peterson on IQ One of the somewhat frequent topics of conversation for Jordan Peterson has been the subject of IQ, it’s scholarly legitimacy, and how it’s utilized by society. Though it hasn’t been one of the major focuses of his work and research, he has...

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Sam Harris on Jainism

Sam Harris on JainismAs one of his classic examples, Sam Harris’ views on Jainism have been widely espoused by the Neuroscientist, and used frequently as an example where religion is not necessarily the fundamental problem. Though it’s a brief passage, we thought it...

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Jordan Peterson on Climate Change

Jordan Peterson On Climate ChangeAlways willing to answer a question, Jordan Peterson didn't avoid the question of Climate Change when asked about it at his Cambridge Union appearance. Given his positions find some middle ground between right and left (such as his...

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Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines is now accepting submissions! Given that we are a privately owned website and not an official academic journal, we have quite a bit of leeway in the articles and pieces we choose to publish. This includes accepting...

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Sam Harris on Mormonism

Sam Harris on Mormonism In the run up to the 2012 election, Mormon candidate Mitt Romney had won the Republican nomination and this was enough reason for Sam Harris to weigh in Mormonism. While hilarity ensued, Harris closes his position in his distinctly...

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Laurie Santos on Happiness

Laurie Santos on Happiness After her class became a cult hit on Yale’s campus, Dr. Laurie Santos’ views on happiness and how to improve human well-being have been thrust into the mainstream spotlight. At the core of her argument is that Americans, particularly college...

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Jordan Peterson on Maternity Leave

Jordan Peterson on Maternity Leave On an episode of the Dave Rubin show (available in its entirety on YouTube), Jordan Peterson gave his opinion on Maternity Leave and the importance of home/work life balance. Since the questioner did not explicitly ask about...

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Jordan Peterson on Gay Marriage

Jordan Peterson on Gay MarriageGiven the amount of scrutiny as to his preferred political ideology, Jordan Peterson's views on Gay Marriage have been of interest to fans and non-fans alike. Luckily, Jordan Peterson answered this question directly in a question posed...

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Sam Harris on Free Will

Sam Harris on Free Will: Determinism and IncompatabilistIt may seem odd to spend an article discussing Sam Harris’ positions on Free Will, when the author and neuroscientist has already written an entire book on the subject. Though extremely brief (Philosopher Eddy...

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Ben Shapiro on Vaccinations

Ben Shapiro on Mandatory Vaccinations While he may have given a talk recently entitled “Why does the Left hate science?” that many scientists might shudder at, Ben Shapiro should be commended for his long standing views supporting the mandate of vaccines. When asked...

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Noam Chomsky on Jordan Peterson

The linguist isn’t particularly fond of his fellow social scientist. 

Sam Harris on Eckhart Tolle

Though the two have never sparred in person, they haven’t be shy about offering an opinion on each other’s work. 

Ben Shapiro on Marijuana

The conservative commentator has changed his tone recently about the de-criminilzation of Marijuana. 

Ben Shapiro vs Cenk Uygur Full

The conservative commentator took on Cenk Uygur at a raucous debate at Politicon. Watch the complete debate and read our reaction. 

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