Sam Harris

Ever since his novel End of Faith was published while he was in Graduate school, Sam Harris has been a leading public intellectual and sought after speaker.

Jordan Peterson

A breakthrough public intellectual, Jordan Peterson (Clinical and Personality Psychologist) may be the most famous and influential public intellectual  in human history. 

Noam Chomsky

Famous for two things, his landmark work as a linguist and his fiery political activism, Noam Chomsky is the reigning heavy weight until he passes on his mantle. 

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Ben Shapiro on Climate Change

Ben Shapiro on Climate ChangeBen Shapiro’s opinion on Climate Change has been a consistent source of interest to fans and non fans alike as it seems to show the conflict in the two cornerstones of his brand: a commitment to facts and his loyalty to the conservative...

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Ben Shapiro on Healthcare

Ben Shapiro on Healthcare Ben Shapiro’s views on healthcare in general, and medicare for all specifically, have been fairly consistent over the years. They were front and center during his debate with Cenk Uygur when the subject of whether healthcare is a right came...

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Ben Shapiro vs Alexandria Ocasio Cortez

Ben Shapiro vs Alexandria Ocasio Cortez We shudder to create this page on the relationship between conservative columnist Ben Shapiro and upstart politician Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, but both figures are likely going to stay relevant for quite some time and this…this...

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Ben Shapiro Piers Morgan Debate

Ben Shapiro Piers Morgan Gun Control DebateThe Ben Shapiro Piers Morgan debate on gun control may well have been the event that put Ben in the national spotlight in the political arena. Yes fans of his will say that he had been a nationally syndicated columnist since...

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Ben Shapiro on Gun Control

Ben Shapiro on Gun ControlGiven the breadth of the topic, much less Ben’s litany of opinions on it, it would seem unfair to only have a single article that attempts to fully encompass the views of Ben Shapiro on Gun Control. The issue is not only dynamic and fluid,...

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Sam Harris on Joe Biden

Sam Harris on Joe BidenAfter mostly spending most of his time objecting to the electability of Bernie Sanders, Sam Harris finally weighed in on his opinion of Joe Biden in a recent podcast with Paul Bloom. Perhaps emblematic of the opinion Harris and Paul Bloom were...

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Ben Shapiro on Joe Biden

Ben Shapiro on Joe BidenFew would've expected it, but Ben Shapiro has been forced to comment on Joe Biden ever since his Super Tuesday run that made him the democratic presidential nominee  frontrunner. Unlike the populist figures Bernie sanders and Donald Trump, Joe...

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Ben Shapiro on Alex Jones

Ben Shapiro on Alex JonesDating back to Aug 2, 2017, Ben Shapiro went on Joe Rogan’s podcast and Alex Jones came up almost immediately. Discussing John Oliver’s show, particularly the segment about Alex Jones, Shapiro said “Well it’s almost impossible to make...

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Ben Shapiro on the Coronavirus

Ben Shapiro on the Coronavirus**Note As of March 18, 2020 this issue has changed dramatically. Below is a clip from his most recent show 3/17/2020.  Below is the original post of Ben Shapiro's initial views on the Coronavirus.  One week after Ben Shapiro’s official...

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Sam Harris on Bernie Sanders

Sam Harris on Bernie Sanders With the sudden relevance of the subject, we thought we’d track down opinions of Sam Harris on Bernie Sanders. It turns out, Dr. Harris has a pretty strong opinion on the presidential hopeful. We’ll detail those opinions and try to fact...

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Jordan Peterson on Immigration

Jordan Peterson on ImmigrationJordan Peterson has made it clear how he feels about illegal immigration and national borders in general.  “Borders are reasonable! How about that!” Dr. Peterson exclaimed recently. Continuing that the "law is that which prevents one from...

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Ben Shapiro on Ranked Choice Voting

Ben Shapiro on Ranked Choice VotingA young libertarian/conservative caller recently asked Ben Shapiro about his views on Rank Choice Voting (one of our favorite recent innovations in the political space). Ben was rather kind to the idea and we’ll recap his views at...

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Noam Chomsky on Jordan Peterson

The linguist isn’t particularly fond of his fellow social scientist. 

Sam Harris on Eckhart Tolle

Though the two have never sparred in person, they haven’t be shy about offering an opinion on each other’s work. 

Ben Shapiro on Marijuana

The conservative commentator has changed his tone recently about the de-criminilzation of Marijuana. 

Ben Shapiro vs Cenk Uygur Full

The conservative commentator took on Cenk Uygur at a raucous debate at Politicon. Watch the complete debate and read our reaction. 

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