Submission Guidelines is now accepting submissions! Given that we are a privately owned website and not an official academic journal, we have quite a bit of leeway in the articles and pieces we choose to publish. This includes accepting unsolicited submissions from students, teaching assistants, or just those with something interesting to say about a relevant issue. Nevertheless, we do ask that those looking to submit articles review our submission guidelines below to make sure that their content is a sensible fit for our website.

One of the most helpful things you can do (other than reading the rest of this article and following guidelines) to ensure that your article is published, is by looking at other relevant posts published on this website. Outside of scholarship and logical arguments, relevance is “probably” the next most important factor in whether your submission will be published.


We greatly prefer that sources featured in your article be from not-for-profit sources that are scholarly or otherwise oriented toward research and education. If not peer reviewed, we ask the content provided be from a reputable source as this will greatly impact your chance of being published on our website We typically, though not always, work with public information officers in the media relations or public affairs departments representing their respective institutions, rather than individual researchers or others not necessarily representing their larger organization. As a rule we do not accept news releases from for-profit companies, we may consider them if the content of the release is mainly scientific in nature however publication of such material is extremely unlikely.


In case it need be said, we only publish original content. Our guest contributors are more than welcome to re-publish their articles elsewhere after they have been available on exclusively for a period one week. We also ask that, upon republishing, the article indicate that the story was originally published on the with the url linking to the relevant article.

To this end, we do accept simultaneous submissions however, if accepted, you will have to rescind the submissions made to other websites or journals. Failure to notify the may result in, among other things, the revocation of your article as well as potential legal actions.

Style Guidelines and Format

Ideally we prefer to accept posts in Microsoft Word files, Apple Pages, or .PDF’s for your initial submission, but you can also submit your query letter via the form at the end of this article. However, if we accept your post, we do not prefer the final version to be posted because when Word files are converted for WordPress they generally produce atrociously ugly HTML that takes fixing.

If your article is accepted we will reach out to you with further steps or any editing required before the page is officially published.

Posting on Behalf of Advocacy Organizations

Though we’re new, we are very sensitive to the fact that this platform (and the fact that we accept submissions from anyone) may be used by political or advocacy organizations looking to influence our user base. While any blatant attempt to advertise for a political candidate is expressly forbidden and will incur an immediate desk rejection, we understand that any well formed, well researched article is going to be at some level a type of promotion for some idea, person or group. As such, just make sure that your article is well written, well backed by science, logically coherent and, most importantly, well cited.

If you’re concerned that your content may be construed as a promotion, feel free to contact us BEFORE submitting. Not sure how to compose a query letter? Check out this video for help. 


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